About Veterans Studies at Virginia Tech

Our Mission

The Veterans Studies group calls attention to the rich diversity and experiences of veterans and military families. We encourage new ways of thinking that promote both inclusive communities and inclusive scholarship that takes seriously veterans as a category of analysis.

Who We Are

The Veterans Studies group at Virginia Tech is committed to researching and engaging the enduring questions raised by military veterans, including questions of identity, role in society, and how past veterans’ experiences can inform today’s policies and action.

We are composed of faculty, staff, and students; we include veterans, military family members, and community members, all committed to the important work of exploring veterans issues in contemporary society.

Our work is grounded in the humanities and social sciences, seeking to contextualize and make connections among the experiences of veterans of different eras, locations, and modes of service. We value rich scholarship with meaningful connections to the world beyond academia.

Our member’s profiles are available here.

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