Civil War Diary of J. W. Ryland (courtesy of Stuart V. Price)

Here you will find a transcript of the diary, annotations by Mr. Price (a descendent), Final Resting Placeand links to relevant material.  In the future, we hope to have a digitized copy of the diary.

This diary holds a wealth of valuable details regarding John W. Ryland, a Virginia soldier and spiritual leader; the creation of the Confederate States of America; rail cars; the Siege of Charleston, SC; the Siege of Petersburg; the Battle of Sailors Creek (Amelia County, VA); the surrender at Appomattox Court House; and the weary Confederate trek back home following April 9, 1865.

  • September 1863 to May 6, 1864 (Part I with editor’s introduction): Blank Landscape
  • May 10, 1864 to September 1865 (Part II with editor’s notes): Blank Landscape 2

The UVA Library holds a microfilm copy of two Civil War diaries penned by Lieutenant Josiah and Thomas Ryland (1863 – 1865).  These diaries are relevant and linked to this diary: the first entry in the J.W. Ryland diary is, “New Year’s present from Cousin Josiah, 1864.”

Josiah Ryland obtained several pocket-sized booklets he distributed to family members from King and Queen County enlisted with the C.S.A. (presumably Company K, 34th Virginia Infantry).

Unfortunately Josiah became a prisoner of war held at Fort Delaware (while John W. Ryland continued his service until surrender at Appomattox).